Time management in the classroom



  • Gürsel Çelik


time; time management; effective; education; classroom; lesson; transition; activity


Time is an invaluable thing in the lives of human beings. There are a lot of things to do, but time is limited. It cannot be replaced with anything and bought. We cannot do anything about the past time, and there is no guarantee for future time. The only time we have in hand is the moment. The efficient management of time has been considered as one of the very important factors in educational improvements. If time is managed properly according to the requirements of the educational matters, it is inevitable that successful results will appear. Thus, the management of time includes planning, prioritisation, preparation and coordination of the activities done by students under the direct supervision and guidance of the teacher. In this paper, the theoretical and practical dimensions of time management, some problems and solutions with time management and some approaches to it in the classroom will be explained.