A Study on the reflection levels of pre-service EFL teachers

Research Article


  • Özkan Kırmızı
  • Arif Sarıçoban


Reflection, instructional beliefs, EFL teachers, critical reflection, pedagogical reflection


The term “reflection” was introduced into educational literature by John Dewey in 1933, and since then it has received remarkable interest from scholars. It is crucial because it tends to reflect the multi-faceted nature of the teaching profession. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to measure the reflection levels of pre-service EFL teachers so that necessary action can be taken. In order to collect data, the Reflection Levels Questionnaire, developed by Larrivee (2008), was utilized. This questionnaire aims to assess teachers’ level of reflective practice on the basis of four levels, which are pre-reflection, surface reflection, pedagogical reflection, and critical reflection. The study was conducted with 70 pre-service EFL teachers. The results indicate that pre-service EFL teachers have a moderate level of reflection in terms of the four sub-dimensions.