Exploring Challenges Faced by a Teacher Teaching English in a Primary School in England

Research Article


  • Shamsudin Abikar Primary Educator


England; primary teacher; challenges; English, 21st Century skills; globalization.


Since the 21st century can be assumed to be marked by the processes of economic and cultural (linguistic) globalization where economy is potentially determined by services and information, competence in English language is important. In England, the UK government is striving to promote rapid language acquisition for all pupils regardless of their ethnicity (Demie, et al. 2022). This paper explores the challenges faced by a teacher in a Southwest England primary school when teaching English. The structured interview questions used for data collection covered the (Cambridge Assessment English) seven skills needed for the 21st century: collaboration, responsibility, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, initiative taking and self-direction, creativity and ICT and information literacy. The three themes that emerged from data show that instilling internal motivation in pupils, lack of problem-solving in English literacy curriculum and lack of resources are the main factors that the teacher faces when teaching English. The paper outlines recommendations for training teachers in how to motivate pupils, reviewing the English literacy curriculum to update with problem solving activities and extra resources for schools to address the challenges faced by the teachers when teaching English.