Describing Learning Contexts and Classroom Discipline



  • irem bulut postgraduate students


classroom discipline, learning context, classroom management, overall success, discipline problems


As far as accepted by many authorities, there are many criteria for quality and beneficial education to be realized in a classroom and these criteria should be established by educators. Classroom discipline and learning context are two key factors that are very important for both students and teachers. At this point, many studies show that classroom discipline and learning environment are factors that directly affect a student's psychology, success and motivation. Therefore, when expecting  overall classroom success from a teacher, it should be strictly observed to what extent classroom management and discipline is achieved. Because, in an educational environment that is carried out in a  targeted level of discipline, teachers can reach the desired results without any problems with their student with more clear and direct expressions In addition to this necessary discipline and order, the physical conditions of the classroom environment are also an effective factor for a student. The purpose of this article is to mention the necessity of the classroom order and discipline that a teacher should establish for successful education in the classroom, as well as to examine the conformity of a classroom context for a better education process. In a classroom with a comfortable and stress-free environment, there will be no obstacle to the progress of a lesson as it should.