8th Grade Secondary School Students’ Attitudes Towards Learning English

Research Article


  • Arif Sarıçoban
  • Selin Üstündağ Selçuk University


This study aims to identify 8th grade secondary school students’ attitudes towards learning English. A descriptive study method was used. 18 volunteer 8th grade secondary school students participated in this study. These participants were chosen from Kolukısa Hurşit Güneş Secondary School in Kadınhanı, Konya. In the study,  “The Scale of Attitudes Towards English Course"   originally developed by Güven and Uzman (2006) for the Geography course and adapted by Anbarlı-Kırkız (2010) for the English course were applied to collect data. After collection of the descriptive data,  SPSS (26.0)  Program was utilized to analyze data. Descriptive statistics was applied  to identify  the frequency and percentages of the data. From the findings of the data, the study concludes that the 8th grade secondary school students have a positive attitude towards learning English language.