Switching from French to English use in Algerian universities:An ideological, or academic choice?

Research Article


  • Boutkhil Guemide ASSISTANT TEACHER


English language, French language, Algerian universities, Instruction


After his nomination in September 2019, Tayeb Bouzid, the ex- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, announced his plan to adopt English as the primary language of instruction in Algerian universities. Although this decision has been highly appreciated by Algerian scholars, it is; in fact, hard to implement; taking into account the difficulties involved in its implementation and the ideological divides. Despite the fact that the majority of Algerians want to get rid of the French language, which is synonymous to French colonialism in Algeria (1830- 1962), the minister’s decision is hard to implement because (1) the majority of Algerian people still speak and use French, and (2) the language issue in Algeria is highly complex, regarding the history and specifics of the country. Therefore, moving from one language use to another in Algeria needs a thorough study and analysis of the related factors and issues to implement such decision in the near future.

The present paper attempts to highlight the issue of language use in Algerian universities. It analyzes switching from French to English as means of instruction in Algerian Universities, whether it be an ideological, or academic choice. The researcher attempts to use a survey study to investigate university scholars’ and teachers’ views through a questionnaire. Moreover, the research’s results will be used to issue recommendations and strategies in favor of adopting English language as a means of instruction in Algerian universities.