Assessment and evaluation in ELT



  • Ali Elcuma Selcuk university


Assessment; test; evaluation; foreign language teaching


Learning a language after our first one in not a simple task. In the same way, teaching a language has its own share in this challenging undertaking. Teachers need to be familiar with the stages of learning that learners go through. Moreover, they need to formulate the appropriate assessment that suits every stage. An effective evaluation is the best way to make sure that students have learned and that the teaching process has been effective.  Assessment is an indispensable part of the learning journey. It is how teachers can decide their students’ areas of difficulty and decide the kind of instruction needed to facilitate these difficulties. This article aims to explore the literature concerning second/foreign language teachers’ assessment. Findings revealed that teacher assessment remains to be the main type of assessment. However, there is an observed increase in the integration of peer and self-assessment.