Online course satisfaction levels of students taking online English courses at various state universities in Turkey

Research Article


  • Arif Sarıçoban
  • Sevim Emecen Afyonkarahisar Sağlıkbilimleri Üniversitesi


Keywords: Distance education; online course; EFL; online course satisfaction


Today, thanks to the advanced information and communication technologies, changing living conditions and habits of individuals, various new learning and teaching environments have been created to educate individuals. As a result of these developments and changes, the online learning system, which can be done independently  from time and place, emerged as a solution for contemporary education. After the Coronavirus Epidemic, many universities in Turkey have adopted online-learning as an alternative learning method. However, the lack of face-to-face communication between teachers and students has made the efficiency of online learning a controversial issue. Higher education institutions assume student satisfaction as one of the most substantial criteria to determine the efficiency of online education. For this reason, in this case, it has been a matter of curiosity to what extent the students are satisfied with this new learning system. The objective of this research is to measure the online course satisfaction levels of students at different English levels,  receiving English education in e-learning mode in Schools of Foreign Languages, Foreign Language Preparatory  programs at various state universities in Turkey. Online course satisfaction  scale adopted from Bayrak, Tıbı and Altun (2020) was used to measure students’ online course satisfaction levels. Data analysis was made using descriptive statistics with the participation of 130 students from various state universities. The answers given by the participants to the survey items demonstrate that most of the students are highly satisfied with learning English online.